Map to Xpats Sports CLub in Xiang Mi Hu, Shenzhen.

Futian, CBD Shenzhen. Convention & Exhibition subway station, Exit-B. Ground floor,  North East corner of Central Walk Shopping center, Next to NYPD, pizza.

For the taxi: 福田区福华一路3号怡景中心城FL1016-FL1017号铺(近大中华) Shenzhen, Futian CBD

+86 755 8280 1352

Map to Xpats bar & grill in City Center, Futian Shenzhen

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The football complex located at the North East corner of Hong Li Road and Xiang Mi Hu Road.

For the taxi: XMX address: 深圳市福田区红荔西路市委党校南侧芳草地足球场

 Phone: 18682431825

22.542726, 114.027586

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